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High Volume Vactor

In large diameter pipelines, it is necessary to use the High Volume Vactor unit. This machine is capable of 'de-silting' and 'de-greasing' foul and storm sewers of up to 1500mm in diameter. Using 90 GPM @ 2500 PSI, this machine can clean up to 250m of pipe length from a single access point.

High Pressure Jetting Units

For clearing blockages and cleaning pipes up to and including 450mm diameter the 3500 PSI @ 16GPM jetting unit is used. With a variety of jetting nozzles this unit is capable of the removal of roots and cement in pipelines up to 120 meters in one direction from a single access point.

For clearing blockages and cleaning pipes up to and including 600mm diameter the 4500 PSI @ 20 GPM jetting unit is used. As with the smaller jetting unit, this machine is capable of the removal of roots and cement from pipelines up to 150 meters in one direction from a single access point.

A special feature to this unit is that it also has the capability of suction, with a tank that holds up to 300 gallons, for liquids and semi solid sewerage waste.

High Pressure Powerwashing
Graffiti Removal

Additional Applications

What the eye cannot see we tend to forget about. As with underground storm and foul drains; it is inevitable that at some time all drains will need to be cleaned as over a period of years silt, grease and foreign matter will accumulate and cause blockages.

To relieve these blockages, we at Contract Services use high pressure pump units delivering water up to 5000 PSI through a reinforced hose passed into the drain. A variety of nozzles are used which converts the water into laser cutting jets displacing the blockage. We have units available ranging from 120m, 16 gal per minute, 3500 PSI up to 300mm, 20 gal per minute, and 4500 PSI.

  • Graffiti Removal
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Stonework
  • Hovervac - Cleaning of Forecourts, Driveways, Footpaths etc...
  • Unblocking Storm and Foul Drains

Maintenance Service

With all types of drive-way, forecourt and parking area services, either bitumen, asphalt, concrete, flagged or pavior finish a certain level of annual maintenance is required to allow the desired visual effect to be maintained.

We at Contract Services Dgn Ltd can now offer customers the benefit of our research and development into cleaning all types of driveways.

Over a period of time paviors, like any other finish, will become dull due to both traffic and weather conditions. With the application of detergent and cleaning with a heavy duty Hover-Vac with pressures of up to 2500 PSI, paviors can now be brought back to their original colours without leaving the marks and shadows of cleaning with normal hand held power hoses. This also minimises the amount of sand extracted from the joints.

Environmental maintenance
Water drainage

Water Recycling Systems

With the water recycling system we have a high-tech flexible system, especially designed for carrying out large diameter and heavily silted sewer cleaning jobs in which the fully automatic cleaning process ensures continuous recycling of the jetting water.

Recycling of water means both greater efficiency and lower costs plus:

  • Increased productivity due to the continuous operation i.e. only one fill of water per day
  • Decreased environmental strain due to lower fuel and water consumption
  • Movable partition within tank ensures full use of tank capacity
  • Flexibility can also be used as a regular jetting unit for both large and small jobs.

Technical Capabilities

  • 13000 litre capacity tank
  • 20 meters of 6 inch suction hose mounted on a cassette reel hydraulically operated by a 180 degrees slow telescopic boom.
  • High volume jetting pump 105 gal/min @2175 PSI with 240m jetting hose, capable of cleaning up to 2000m culverts.
  • Secondary hose reel of 60m suitable for smaller jobs.
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